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KP Staffing provides the best recruitment services in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. We are proudly providing jobs for veterans throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In honor of Veterans Day (November 11th), we would like to highlight success stories of veterans we have helped to find employment.

First, KP Staffing would like to thank all the men and women protecting our country, on active or inactive duty, for their service. Above all, we admire your courage and bravery. At KP Staffing we strive to serve those who have served us by helping ease the process of getting back into the workforce. We understand that sometimes it isn't easy to get back into the groove of things after service. During the transition, we want to help you find stable employment so you can feel confident returning home. We are proudly providing jobs for veterans where they can excel and put their skills to practice.

Our first highlight goes out to Cameron Bunkley

Our first highlight goes out to our veteran, Cameron Bunkley. 

Cameron served in the army for six years. He has been working with KP Staffing as a forklift operator for the past three months. Cameron is almost at the end of his contract, and he will soon be hired on permanently as a full-time employee at the company he is working for.

KP Staffing appreciates everything you have done for our country, Cameron. We hope we were able to ease the job-searching process for you!


Our second highlight goes out to Jorge Bonilla

Jorge served in the army for eight years. KP Staffing found full-time employment for him on two separate occasions. Jorge worked for KP Staffing last year as a cherry-picker and was hired permanently after his contract ended. After some time, Jorge decided to continue his education and return to school.

However, when Jorge was ready to return to work, he returned to KP Staffing. We were able to find him employment for a second time. Thank you for your service, Jorge. We’re glad you trusted KP Staffing to help with your job search!

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Lastly, we would like to highlight our very own veteran at KP Staffing

James is the Branch Manager of our Arlington office. He has been providing the best recruitment services with our company for over three years now. James also served in the army for eight years. Thank you for your service, James, and everything you have done to help our company succeed.

We look forward to continuing to work together!

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