4 reasons your company should hire a staffing agency

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As you walk through the door, a sense of enthusiasm and the chaos of ringing phones engulf the waiting room. Applicants stare at computer screens, and recruiters, focusing diligently, shuffle through paperwork. All the uncertainty of 2020 is suddenly overshadowed by endless opportunities.

The energy in the staffing industry is undeniable – a forever adapting field, it requires passion and expertise to succeed. Their passion, or lack thereof, is reflected in the work they do for companies and the effort placed into hiring only the best talent. 


Let's face it: the ins and outs of a staffing agency aren't common knowledge. Many companies hold preconceived notions that agencies are expensive or lack accountability. This couldn't be further from the truth.

A staffing agency's top priority is to take a  multitude of tasks off its clients hands, in a cost-effective and consistent manner. For top companies, these agencies are the key to their success in keeping up with a forever-changing economy. 

While there are endless reasons to hire KP Staffing (which our business consultants would be happy to discuss at length), below are four key advantages to hiring staffing agencies for your onboarding processes. 


1. Reduce hiring time 

The hiring process consists of dozens of moving parts, from posting advertisements and calling applicants to holding interviews and conducting background screenings. Having immense knowledge of the industry, skilled recruiters take the grunt work out of scouting for qualified employees.

Understanding what skills, experience, and background a client is looking for is fundamental. With a newly launched call center and marketing team, KP diligently reaches out to job seekers at an accelerated pace.


2. Cut company costs

As businesses grow, so does the demand for reliable employees. Agencies work effortlessly to circumvent hiring and turnover costs throughout the onboarding process.

Leave it up to them to handle drug testing, unemployment claims, safety training, and even workers comp. Investing in candidates is the responsibility of the agency; no longer is the potential of losing money due to quick turnarounds looming over a company's bottom line. 

And in unprecedented times like now, when a global pandemic creates uncertainty surrounding all levels of positions within companies, KP Staffing can take the financial hit if unemployment claims skyrocket due to pauses in operations.


3. Increase productivity 

An agency's principal goal is to provide exceptional service, while driving productivity. Recruiters foresees challenges a business might face and actively works toward resolving them ahead of time. Their widespread reach and ability to place experienced individuals in a timely manner make them a valuable resource. By staffing agencies troubleshooting potential issues and spearheading all onboarding needs, companies are able to focus more on day-to-day operations. 

4. Customized care 

Staffing agencies are the unkept secret of the business world. A staffing agency is the go-between for employee and client relations.

To achieve success, clients receive a team dedicated to their specific needs. These teams stay in the know about each client's individual operations and needs. Whether connecting via phone calls, email, or face-to-face, maintaining open communication is imperative. The beauty of hiring a staffing agency is its ability to grow with clients and exceed company expectations.

While choosing an agency can be strenuous, it's vital to find the most beneficial team based on your industry Here at KP, we focus on light industrial and skilled trades. Our expertise expands to distribution centers, production facilities, and manufacturers in the DFW area. Our credibility and client relationships are a testament to the advantages of hiring a staffing agency. Check out our client testimonials and our team!

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