How to make realistic career goals for the new year

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Congratulations, you’ve made it to 2021! Pat yourself on the back, finally exhale and celebrate surviving a year filled with extreme chaos.

The chaos of last year made it nearly inevitable that you'll look back at 2020 and feel a lack of accomplishment or a sense that you didn’t quite reach your goals.

Yet, if last year taught us anything, it’s to go easy on ourselves and embrace the unknown, while appreciating the small victories.

Entering 2021 is the fresh start you’ve been waiting for! But where do you begin?


Often, the new year is a time of self-reflection and a chance to reevaluate goals – it's an opportunity to envision ourselves at our highest potential and determine how we want to evolve.

Below is a list of steps to realistically form your career goals and accomplish them one-by-one.

1. Take ownership of your goals


In a society so heavily built on appeasing others, it can be easy to set goals solely based on outside perception.

But it’s finally time to stop comparing your career journey to anyone else’s and start considering what path will best suit you.

What makes you happy, or where do you see yourself in a year? Be transparent about your aspirations and shed societal standards of where, or who, you should be in life. Own it and go from there! 

2. Assess your strengths and weaknesses

Be realistic, but don’t beat yourself up – setting goals is fundamentally about personal growth and self-reflection. Establishing your strengths and weaknesses will allow you to determine the best game plan to achieve your goals. 

By having a clear sense of what qualities you have, you can move with intention toward a tailored career path. If your desired position requires a skill that you lack, evaluate the steps necessary to master that skill.

Your dream job is not unobtainable – it will simply take proper preparation and a clear awareness of your abilities.


3. Be specific 

What characteristics are you specifically looking for in a career? Instead of having a broad understanding of where you see yourself in 2021, be concise and hone in on your goals.

As a visual outline, jot down your goals with exactly what you want and how you’d like to achieve them. But don’t make a long, strenuous list that will deter you from actually accomplishing anything. The aim is to remain practical while inching closer to obtaining the life you’ve been yearning for.

4. Set a deadline

We’ve all been there – setting goals we constantly put off or just never get around to doing. This cycle can feel unnerving and often deters people from establishing goals, but breaking this trend is necessary for growth. This year take accountability and reclaim your future.

Create a deadline, pick a date, and stick to it. This process is an essential step toward realistically improving your life and work habits. By giving yourself a concrete due date to steadily check things off your list, you are holding yourself responsible and consistently self-evolving.

5. Ask for help when necessary

You’ve gotten a clear understanding of your qualifications, acknowledged your desired career path, and written down your first few steps – now what? It’s time to scout out and apply for jobs!

It’s perfectly normal to feel lost while searching for potential careers, but don’t get discouraged.

While often frustrating, this part of the process is arguably the most pivotal step to achieving your New Year's goals.

There’s no shame in utilizing your resources, so take the pressure off and reach out to a staffing agency or frequent Facebook job groups.

At KP Staffing, skilled recruiters will assist you in anything from job placement to career advice. Leave it to the experts to assist you in crushing your vision for the upcoming year!


Remember to take it easy on yourself by setting reasonable goals; this is the year of rebuilding and focusing on being the best you possible! This process should be individually modified for your interests and expectations, regardless of the outside world.

Here at KP, we aim to guide you to the career you’ve always wanted, one step at a time. Our goal is to be the ultimate tool towards helping you reach success. 

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