Is now the best time to find a staffing partner?

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When I first entered the staffing industry 4 years ago, industry leaders were leveraging technology with applicant databases. They’d market these databases as “proprietary,” as if they had an exclusive candidate pool.


This marketing rang hollow, however, as unemployment was low, and only getting weaker. The odds were anyone in these databases were either already employed, or unemployable.

As the market adjusted to all-time-low unemployment, people looked for smarter ways to fill positions: opening up background restrictions, increasing pay rates, lessening job requirements, and increasing on-the-job training, to name a few.

How times have changed

Due to COVID-19, unemployment has soared, while employers are forced to shut down temporarily, leaving record numbers of people unemployed.

But due to the closure, companies have been forced into a corner; they had to lay off large portions of their employees, knowing that eventually they'll need them back.

As the economy begins to reopen, employers will need to hire large quantities of people – fast. And staffing agencies are in the best position to help.

How applicant databases come into play

All the applicants in the databases, which once were likely employed already or unemployable, are probably looking for work. Many companies will likely struggle to onboard the quantity of candidates they need, and could find their processes significantly impaired.

Arguably no one is more prepared to get people back to work faster than a staffing agency. We’re sitting on thousands of names and numbers of people looking for jobs. Our staff is full of recruiters ready to assemble these workers, and the database technology has only gotten better.

All modern databases have a wide range of features, such as location and skill search, to narrow down the applicant pool, but these are just the basics.

Now, many also have advanced texting features to quickly promote your job to hundreds of qualified candidates with a few clicks of a mouse.

Some databases even have machine learning built in, always searching candidates and bringing skilled talent to the recruiter’s attention.

So yes, now is the best time to partner with a staffing agency. We're ready to help you get back on track, without needing to dig through mounds of resumes to do it.

Here at KP Staffing, we are geared up to meet your staffing demands. If you haven’t partnered with a staffing agency before, be sure to check out our employers page to learn about countless other advantages of using our recruitment services.

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