The Inside Scoop: What you should know about KP Manager Ryan Beckman

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If you've been into one of our offices, you've seen the work side of our recruiters, admins, and branch managers – the business-casual clothes side.

Ryan Beckman strides with a sense of resolve through our Fort Worth branch, intensity emanating from him. Ryan has been with KP Staffing for 4 years, after leaving his career as a professional baseball player. As KP's Fort Worth branch manager, he juggles client relations, recruiting, and overseeing the entire team in his office; it's no easy job.

So how does he let loose?

This month we followed Ryan to the track.

"I remember a few years ago talking to him about the future, KP Staffing: growth, where we saw ourselves in 10 years, that sort of thing. I remember what Ryan said because it made me laugh. It was very simple: 'I want a back yard with a dirt bike track, and I’d just drive on it every day. That’s it,'" Head of Human Resources David Schild said.


Recruiting, interviews and hiring – it’s what KP Staffing does 5 days week.

What about the other 2?

We wanted to take a moment to step away from the job resources on this blog and instead let you get to know one of our team members. Information about interviews, jobs, career building, company updates and more are great, but we also want to allow a glimpse of our lives.

KP Staffing is in the business of keeping your company fully staffed or getting you to work. Both of these things require a great deal of trust. Who do you trust?

Usually, people you know. 


You might be on a long search for a new or better job. You might be in HR, a manager, or a business owner with no time to recruit or too many positions to fill on your own.

Wherever you're at, and no matter what your needs are, it's good to know the people you go to for help.

We’d like you to get to know us –this time, outside of work.

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