Creating an Eye-Catching Resume Just Got Easier

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If you’ve ever looked for a job, you know how important a resume is to your search. It’s a quick summary of your qualifications, job experience and education, certifications or other training relevant to the job you’re interested in. It allows the employer to tell at a glance if they should consider you for a job or move onto the next applicant. That means If you want to get the job, your resume better be good. You don’t want to send the employer pages of fluff, but you don’t want to leave our anything important either! KP Staffing has you covered.

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KP Staffing Resume Builder

The experts at KP Staffing have developed a resume builder for candidates. The resume builder is a tool that empowers job applicants to create a professional and effective resume in a PDF format. We launched the resume builder to provide a convenient and efficient way for you to create a resume that includes the essential information hiring managers want to see while eliminating distracting, irrelevant input.

How the Resume Builder Works

Our resume builder makes it simple to create an eye-catching and effective resume by prompting the user to input the information needed to generate a customized resume. You can save time and effort because our tool streamlines the resume writing process and allows you to easily update and customize Your resumes as needed. Users who’ve tried it out can typically complete the form and generate a PDF resume in less than 30 minutes!

Access the Resume Builder on your Smartphone

The resume builder is mobile-friendly, allowing you to easily access and use it from any device with an internet connection. It can be especially helpful if you don't have access to a computer or want to create a resume on the go. The resume builder is a valuable resource for job seekers, but employers appreciate it too because it means they get professional resumes to review, which makes their job a little easier.

Let KP Staffing Help With Your Job Search

If you’re looking for a new light industrial staffing, skilled trades or professional job in the Dallas-Fort Worth or Houston, Texas areas, KP Staffing is a great place to start. You can find direct-hire, temporary, and temp-to-hire opportunities here and lots of advice on finding a new job. Check out our latest jobs and apply today!