5 tips for job seekers in 2021

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Warehouse work is a popular option for many job seekers. With plenty of open positions for industrial staffing and a hands-on role at the heart of the logistics industry, it can be an incredibly exciting world to work in. Here are five tips to help you secure the job!

1. Perfect your resume


If you want to get the right job, you need the right resume.

Highlight experience you have that may be beneficial and focus on positives like ability to work in a team.

From tone to format to the order in which you list your work history and education, etc., there are dozens of details that recruiters note –  it's important to create an exceptional resume.

Read one KP Staffing expert's article about how to create a strong resume here.

2. Read the job description

Having an idea what the position entails that you're applying for is important.

If you're interested in forklift jobs in North Dallas, then it's important to read the job description to find out if it's on the right side of Dallas for you, and to ensure that it's the right type of forklift operation.

For example, KP Staffing hires for a client that distributes wood; the forklift drivers at their facility need extensive experience in forklift operation under precarious conditions –  it's easy to drop the wooden pallets, making it a much more challenging position than, say, a company in Fort Worth that manufactures food products.


So if you're reading a job description for a forklift operator position in East Fort Worth for a company that manufactures air filters, you might be more qualified for it than a position as a forklift operator in Fort Worth for a company that distributes wood, depending on your work experience.

Are you going for the right role? Do you have the necessary certification? Make sure you read the job listing carefully to avoid easy mistakes.

Take a look at some of our open jobs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area here

3. Use a recruiter

A professional recruiter or staffing agency can narrow down the number of jobs you need to apply for –  applying with one staffing agency is applying for hundreds of positions at the same time.

They can give you tips for local companies and give access to job listings that are otherwise unavailable to the public.


At KP Staffing, you can even sign up for job alerts to be the first to know when new jobs open up!

Read four things job seekers need to know when choosing a staffing agency by KP Staffing Head of Marketing Christine Doran and schedule an in-person interview with a KP Staffing recruiter today!

4. Get certified


Certain roles may require specific certification.

For example, safety certifications may be needed if you want to operate some machinery.

After deciding what kind of position interests you, ask a recruiter how you can become the most qualified candidate for that role.

You might be able to take a class to get a certification that can increase your chances of landing the job you want in just a few weeks or months!

5. Do interview prep


The interview will be the most important and likely final step in the hiring process.

Make sure to practice both general questions as well as job-specific ones.

If you nail the interview and have the qualifications, the job is likely yours!

Read a bit more about what not to say in a job interview and a phone pre-screen by Korrin Welch.

To learn more about warehouse and industrial jobs in Dallas-Fort Worth, get started with KP Staffing today!

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